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Our Mission

We specialize in green building technologies and use advanced materials to enhance structure efficiency, comfort, and occupant health. Every step of our construction process is highly detailed and custom tailored to meet the needs of the job, within budget, and on time. Our unique design for each home is all encompassing and we work closely with the client to drive satisfaction. Our clients will all attest that our quality of work and craftsmanship is remarkably unrivaled.

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Green Building Materials
Green construction and sustainability go hand in hand. At Norton Construction our green homes are designed using durable materials which have the least impact on the environment. When selecting materials we make a conscious effort to buy from local suppliers when possible. Some of the benefits of green building materials include:


  • Recycled salvaged and refurbished content.
  • Higher energy efficiency.
  • Locally sourced materials.
  • Reusable / Recyclable.
  • Durable/Longer life expectancy: lower maintenance costs.
  • Non-Toxic/Low VOC Carpet: Improved indoor air quality.
  • Non-Toxic/Low VOC Paint: Improved indoor air quality.



Thermal Envelope Efficiency
Energy efficient homes are designed to encompass thermal envelope, which provides a strong barrier between the indoor and outdoor environment. Our homes stay warmer in the winter and cooler in the summer, maintaining a comfortable temperature all year round. The largest source of energy consumption in buildings is from heating and air conditioning, accounting for two-thirds of total energy use. A good thermal envelope can reduce the cost of utilities as much as 50 percent when compared to conventional homes. The additional cost of building green is roughly 2%-10% in new construction. The expenditure payback through the savings in energy is about 5 years on average. Following this payback period the homeowner sees negative costs as the savings have exceed the initial investment.

Optimum-Value Engineering
Also known as Advanced Framing. By spacing studs at 24" centers opposed to 16" we are able to use less lumbar and more insulation.